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September 24, 2015

Hey Folks! In keeping with my promise to post more often, I figured I would go ahead and try out a few series posts to keep the momentum going. My lovely friend, Sarah, suggested that I needed to start blogging and Instagramming (Firefox, don't underline my verb! What do you mean that's not a word?) about these cool, quirky, and incredibly inexpensive deals that I happen to come across on my trips to Goodwill and beyond. Sarah, consider your challenge excepted (hugs)! I've decided to call this series, you guessed it, Thrifty Thursdays! This particular post also has a theme because it's all about drink ware. What can I say? This girl likes a good cocktail... in a beautiful glass.  

First, I'll share an oldie but goodie... in honor of Throwback Thursday, if you will. Sarah, remember the time I found a that beautiful lot of decanters just chilling on the rack a Goodwill for $21.67? I made up my mind right then and there that I was done collecting them. I now have roughly 30 and I'm somewhat disgusted with myself. How does one display 30 decanters? Who NEEDS 30 decanters? I told myself that after this find I would pare down and keep my absolute favorites. Ask me how that's going...

Last week I took a trip to Goodwill and came home with more drink glasses than I should have. The ones below were cool and oh-so-manly. The set was under $4 so I basically had to buy them. My thought was that eventually Brandon could keep them in his man cave next to a bottle of scotch. Gotta get that cave together though! 

We don't have many stemless wine glasses, so I thought these would be perfect! They were sweet and bubbly (pun intended), and quite beautiful - especially when filled with red wine because the gold spots become extra vibrant. And at under $3, they were a no-brainer. 

These green glasses were a replacement for green glasses we owned but broke during our move. They are significantly thicker than the ones we had, and at under 3$, why not? I love that they look like they're being heated from the bottom. So fancy!

I picked these owl glasses up, then I sat them down. Then I walked by again and examined them. Then I put them down. Then I went over one more time, and when I realized that they were still there, I gave in and placed them gently into my cart. At less than $4 they were the last set I picked up, and I really struggled internally about them. I was like,"Really, Rae? Do you really need another set of drink glasses? You already have 3 sets in your cart!" Of course I needed them. And just for kicks and giggles, I looked up the marking on them and learned that these "Couroc owl glasses" are selling for more than I would ever pay for a set of glasses on Ebay, Charish, Amazon, and the like. I may have hit the jackpot with these, but I mostly just think that gold on glasses is beautiful, and simply belong at home with me and all of the other stuff I like to hoard. 

I picked up this single Maker's Mark glass because I couldn't pass up the wax drippings. I also thought my husband would love it. It was under $2. Update: This is currently his favorite drink glass... for anything with alcohol. AND it is totally Halloween appropriate.

So the last set I'll share with you is a set of 6 that I picked up at... The Dollar Tree!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, DO NOT sleep on The Dollar Tree! Every now and then that come out with something that is so adorable and I simply can not pass it up. These are also great for fall, but not limited to use in October of course. Update: Here's where I paired one of them with a black and white striped straw for Halloween! This was a wine slushie (Ole' Blue) from Curahee Valley Winery. Yum. Yum

Anyhoo, I love a good deal, so this series will definitely become one of my favorites, Thanks Sarah! Plus I have so much more to share! What about you? Have you found any good drink or bar ware lately? Drop me a link or tag me on Instagram @rajaune! Also, it's our 5 year wedding anniversary today, so plans permitting Brandon and I will most definitely be raising some of these glasses to the occasion. Cheers! :)

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