working girl - sundvik/gulliver vignette

February 3, 2014

Hey Guys! I wanted to go ahead and share the rest of the vignettes with you!  This one focused on Sundvik products for a nursery.

Simple, sweet, and straight to the point, right? And it screams, let's get this baby changed! :)

This vignette was unique in that we had more than one wall to play with, which turned out to be quite nice. We turned the extra sliver of wall into a space for small toys and supplies.

Here are a few closeups. Oh, and just in case you're a little curious, the wall color is Pale Avocado by Benjamin Moore.

And of course you can never get too tired of the Lova leaf. It's simply a crowd-pleaser.

If you look closely you can see where I made a faux crib skirt out of fabric by the yard. I just draped a cut length over the bottom of the bed.

Marianne helped me out with the execution this vignette, so big shout outs go to her for being so amazing! Oh, and just in case you're wondering what was going on over on the far wall, why don't I go ahead and engage you!

This was the last vignette in the children's department. De'Airra took the lead on this one, and it turned out wonderfully. This is designed as sleeping area for a sweet toddler using the Gulliver crib, and of course more Stuva. The color combo is completely accidental (the fronts that we wanted to use were out of stock) but I love how in-your-face the colors turned out. It's all super cute. 

I must say, these vignettes were a nice little cherry to top off my time as designer in children's department. There are just a few more roomsettings to install that I initially designed, but for the most part I'll be taking backseat during the implementation. My new area in the store is living rooms, and I couldn't be more excited! New Year, new changes!  There is one more small (but huge) project that I want to share with you before we start talking about my new area. Can you guys what it is? Nope bet you can't! Toodles for now.

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