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August 30, 2013

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be the lead designer and project manager for this year's showroom entrance remodel. Every year we remodel the entrance to give visitors a taste of the new year's catalog priority, as well as present a microcosm of what IKEA is about. For fiscal year 14 IKEA is focusing on living with children. Every winter, a set of briefs are sent to every IKEA store in the world by Common Store Planning, and it's up to each store to adapt and implement each plan into the space they have. The concepts and main priority products usually stay the same, but in addition to adapting plans to the space we have, we also inject some solutions and choices that reflect our local market.

The lead designer is generally in charge of the space planning, material selection, construction documents, transfer management, and contractor / carpentry schedules. Because it was my very first time I had A LOT of help. My co-worker Marianne (a very seasoned IKEA designer) helped me every step of the way, and I simply could not have done this without her! I also had wonderful support from my manager Michael, my co-workers Robin and Loree, and our carpentry team David and Hugo. The project was packed with learning experiences and oops moments, but it's finally done. It's definitely been a challenging 8 weeks! Ok, enough talk, check out the pictures!

Priority Products - Klippan / Algot
Living room or play room? You decide.

Side note: Because products are always going in and out without a moment's notice, sometimes we (reluctantly) have to go back and adjust our design. Notice in the photo below that the sofa has been changed to a Lycksele sofa bed. It just so happens the Klippan sofa hit a snag somewhere along the line of its production and had to be pullled... literally two weeks after we finished the room. Just another day in the life of an IKEA designer!

Priority Products - Besta / Melby
Modern-age home office

I think that this particular room ended up being my favorite.  If you look closely you can see a tv mounted on the wall amongst the artwork.When I initially saw the concept for the space I thought  the space was kind of weird, but Loree and Robin brought it to life! I love the contrast, and I want all of those IKEA PS prints for myself! It would be nice to have an office with so much storage and seating. I could totally see Brandon with that desk, but my now-a-days my baby requires THREE 24" monitors. Yes, three. Nerds...

Priority Products - Fjell and Hemnes
A country-bedroom-in-the-city vibe complete with a beautiful bathroom, and an attached balcony

The idea of floating a bed in the middle of the room is one that I hope to try one day. If the room's big enough and the back of your bed is finished, why not?

Unique to IKEA Atlantic Station - Balcony outdoor area
Priority Products - Hyllis / Tarno

Priority Products - Soderhamn / Besta
Quintessential media room for the family

I love how soothing and monochromatic this room turned out. Customers Ooo and Ahh over the sectional. I totally see this space in a terrace-level basement in the suburbs.

Unique to IKEA Atlantic Station - Patio outdoor area
Priority products - Falster / Applaro

Priority Products - Ektorp / Lidingo
An open-concept space for a family living with children 

My favorite part of this space is the kitchen. I love the usage of open shelving and rail system in place of  wall cabinets. I also dig the kitchen table connected to island. Aren't the Lidingo Gray fronts hot? They're my favorite traditional door style by far!

So what do you think? Why don't you come by and visit sometime! Don't forget to pick up a 2014 IKEA catalog while you're at it!


  1. I'm loving the 2014 IKEA Catalog! My favorite is definitely the Stockholm collection this season. These showrooms look awesome. I need to go visit my nearest IKEA asap. Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Just found your blog. Amazing stuff. Especially since I'm renovating a studio, seeing how you put things together helps inspire.


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