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August 21, 2012

With so much going on, I totally forgot to share the photos for our Living with Textiles Exhibit. Most of these were taken on opening morning before the showroom lighting came on, but nonetheless it's all quite beautiful. Check it out! 

I was responsible for 2 main areas. This one was Continental Dark. My favorite part (and consequently the most challenging) was hanging all of the textiles behind the bed. It involved of up and down the ladder, and taking a step back every few minutes to make sure it was hanging just the way I wanted. It turned out pretty awesome though.

Eventually we made the bed because we learned that for some reason, customers are less likely to bother a made bed than an intentionally disheveled one.  Sigh... it was cool while it lasted though.

The other space I took under my wing was referred to as the youth space of the bunch. It turned out pretty awesome though if I do say so myself. Big shout out to my girl Erin for all of her help and keeping me giggling for 3 weeks.

Here are some of the details, which turned out to be more fun than I ever thought possible.

A Gestalt outfit made of fabric by the yard - my little Project Runway moment!

A customized Pax shelf

Obviously the theme in this space was to use as much red as possible, and all the wardrobes in the exhibit are filled to capacity with textiles. :)

And toys for the kiddies - super attached to the shelf of course!

Marianne and Erin tackled this area. It turned out so lush!

Check out the awesome quilt wall. It was custom made for the space, and ultra wonderful. 
Go Marianne!

Michelle and Erin busted this out in just a couple of hours. I love the belted pillows on the wall.

Wish I had gotten a detail shot of this one. Erin completely turned it out! These ladders are completely dripping with textiles and it feels so rich

She also busted out an outdoor living area in the 11th hour. So sweet and cozy.

Here's the podium by Michelle (out little monochromatic moment) and the background features a cute little country kitchen by Robin.

The dining/craft area was a collaboration of Michelle and Robin. My favorite part is the painted rug.

And here's a tented space that Robin created. The graphic and the plants make it look all too real!  Special shout out to my girls - Robin, Marianne, Erin, and Michelle. It was such a treat to work with all of you and bring this project to life!

To see the exhibit all lit up in all it's glory, check out the Living with Textiles Exhibit soon! All the little details are too awesome not to ooooh and ahhh over! :)

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