ten dollar flowers

January 19, 2012

So I have a new obsession. It's called the picking-up-cheap-fresh-flowers-from-Kroger-and-decorating- our-apartment-with-them obsession. About once or twice a month I stroll through Kroger looking for some discounted bouquets and spend a little time arranging them all pretty like. This time I picked up two $3 bunches, and one $4 bunch for a total of $10 spent. Yep, I'm cheap and crafty! Look how many I got!

I thought this time I wouldn't have enough vases to handle my bounty, but I realized that I had some empty vases on display in our Billy, which totally solved the problem.

And how many arrangements did I manage to get out of $10? Seventeen! 
Yes 1-7! I was so delighted to be able to spread them around the house.

Here's couple in our coffee table slot and the side tables.

And here are a few close ups.

This one lives in our bedroom on my dresser.

This one went on the occasional table.

Our "Kartell" units.

Our tv stand.

The faux bar


The dining room table

So what do you say? Is that $10 well spent, or what? I can't wait to do something like this for a party!


  1. Your display is beautiful love how u mix and match colors i wouldnt think to put together!!!

    1. Thanks! I like so many colors, I figured, might as well put them together and experiment!


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