sunroom sprinkles

March 15, 2011

It's an understatement to say that the sunroom is a work in progress. Lately I've been taking measures to make it more cute and inviting. I just can't give up on it. I know that it has enormous potential to be absolutely adorable.

Every room needs a color scheme inspiration, so I looked no further than the only pop of color that we currently have in the space - a $4.98 pillow investment from Target. The colors are pretty sophisticated - goldenrod, raspberry, tangerine, gray, white and chocolate (which totally reads black if I didn't divulge the secret) and of course white. I love it. I can't wait to sprinkle the colors around the room.

Check out my jade plant. Brandon moved her into the sunroom because she's been living on the bar since the weekend of our wedding. Her name is Jade - yes, I named her after what she is. Don't hate. I've had her since my freshman year of college. We've been roomies ever since.

See those rugs leaning in the corner? Well after much consideration, I decided to take one back to the store (it wasn't right for me to hold on to it for so long without loving it) and the other rug surprisingly stayed in the sunroom. I was delighted to unroll such a treat. It goes so well with our little pillow.

Naturally it didn't want to stay unrolled. With some sweet coercion and a few design textbooks, I won the war.

Gosh, who knew the sofa and the rug would be nearly the same size? I normally like a little overlappage (yeah, I made that word up, but it's part of my charm). Nonetheless at only $19.99, it makes such a huge impact. The scale of the pattern is perfect. It only took me 6 months to unroll such a nice surprise. You like? Next I'll be tackling the windows. Wish me luck.

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