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June 27, 2010

Just thought I would share a few of the adorable bathrooms that I've been coveting lately. You know, whether you have an apartment, a house, or your dream home, a few fantastic pops of color and some unexpected elements is all you need to turn your boring bath into a sweet sanctuary.

I absolutely love this bathroom. Everything works so wonderfully. Check out the stripes (you know I love a good stripe), and the ledge inside the shower for decorative goodies. I also love box of rolled towels. They would be a perfect welcome for guests.

Black in a bathroom? Why not? Glossy floors constantly reflect light around the room and the white also does a lot for balance. The skirt under the sink is so charming, and the side table for bath essentials is a nice touch.

How adorable is this? The decorative sunburst is great. It's definitely a tub-only situation seeing as though there is drywall in the tub surround. Grey and yellow is so hot right now and this is no exception. Two thumbs up.

Yes folks, it's all tile! I absolutely love how the organic arrangement starts on the floor and trickles up the wall. The his and her shower heads behind acrylic panels are no doubt romantic, and the concrete keeps it industrial chic.

This quirky bathroom is cool on so many levels! Mosaic tile is so dazzling, and the male/female applique is so playful. Did I mention that it's my dream to have a chandelier in my bathroom? Yeah, true story. Anyhoo, hope this leaves you inspired! 
(images via apartment therapy and hgtv)


  1. Ooh! I love the curtain-style shower curtain!

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