mr. cooper

December 18, 2010

So yesterday I was browsing west elm and I did a double take when I saw this sign:

I was like, "Whoa!" That's an amazing markdown! What exactly was on sale?

I almost fell over! I immediately asked an associate for the details and he told me that this was just the floor sample and that there was one NIB for the same price (this acronym actually just became part of my vocabulary recently, but that's a story for later). New in Box for $99? I could barely breathe! I immediately sent Brandon a photo, to which he replied, "That's cute."  So guess what guys? We got a new sofa! I took home a slip cover for it yesterday, and he's picking up the sofa today!  Not sure where we're gonna put it yet, but who can pass up a deal like that? 

Welcome home, Mr. Cooper. Very nice to meet you...

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  1. I love incredible sales like this! Congrats on the new sofa!


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