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going places

Seems your girl's on a roll!
Thanks to Q over at Urban Paint, I just received the "You're Going Places" Award! Thanks Girlie!!!

The requirements to accept? Well, I must talk about where I'd like to be in the next 10 years (wow!) and pass the award on to other worthy bloggers (preferably 10, but I don't know too many independent bloggers yet, so I'll do my best).
In ten years, I would like to be a NCIDQ certified senior designer at a hospitality design firm specializing in restaurants and the like (I'm a sucker for eating experiences). Becoming the owner of my dream home would be a great thing too. I would also love to extend my family with Brandon (child or puppy-wise, can't be too picky at this point). Here's to hoping I'm the the friend that throws all the kick ass dinner parties! Might still be blogging in ten years too if everyone keeps showing me the love...
My bloggers of choice:  All these chicks get props for doing their own thing!

love light

How do you set the mood? Well, just because Valentine's is over doesn't mean that we should stop trying. I am totally in love with the whirly hanging candle holder from CB2 because it can add so much warmth to a space, and when the candles aren't lit, it still creates sparkle and shine from nearby existing fixtures.

Pretty cute huh? The small holes allow oxygen to escape without scarring the glass, and you stick your stem lighter in the large hole to light. Just grab some mono-filament (okay, I won't be fancy - fishing line) and cluster a few holders in spot that need a little love light.

What did I tell you? The impact is beautiful! And at $3.95 per holder (significantly less than the cost of a new light fixture) do you really have an excuse not to? Yeah, I didn't think so.

holy moley

Whoever said that hanging baskets couldn't be beautiful? 

Need I say anything about the shadows? So amazing...

just a little throwback

It's so hard to believe that almost a year ago I graduated from the most challenging, yet rewarding time of my life. This is just a throwback as I revisit memories on my jump drive that make me think about everything that I've been through, and what a wonderful experience it was to pursue my passion. Please everyone, know that all of your dreams are possible! Believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, and that you haven't even come close to reaching your full potential!

Invites I made for my graduation in Photoshop CS2. (click 'em to take a closer look)

Twas the story of my life.

My senior thesis: LUXE lanes and lounge

The studio family, at our practicum event.

The studio fam (with our big girl panties on) throwing the younger studio's practicum event.

Me and my extended Interior Design family. 

Me and my lovely roomie (more like a sister), Crystal.

Me and my bestie, Michelle.

Chase your dreams people! I still have so far to go, and I can'…

la femme

Lately, I been really obsessed with spaces that evoke that feminine feeling. Soft and subtle shades of creams, pinks, and purples just take my breath away. So light, so airy, so chic...

Everything is this vignette is working. I love the wall of drapery is a bold statement (the gradation is gorgeous by the way), but the creamy, armless sofa and swirled rug keeps it light and fresh. The chocolate accents ground the space and give the eye a place to rest. Yeah, I'm thinking about how cool the lamp is too.

Intense wall color? Roll with it! The open shelving lends balance by giving just a sneak peek to what's behind it after one begins filling the shelves. I love the way the tuxedo sofa is framed, and who doesn't love a good quote?

 This dining space is so heavenly. Don't even get me started about the wing back banquette seating! I love neutrals in a space because it creates so much versatility. The muted color pallet of the pillows and linens could be switched up occasional…

zen on ten

Love Sushi? Yeah, me too - quite possibly one of the greatest things God ever created. On Thursday, I surprised my boo by taking him to a restaurant I had been curious about for a while (I pass it everyday on the way to work). It turned out to be more awesome than I thought possible. It's called Zen on Ten, and it's located on the corner of 10th Street and Northside on the outskirts of Atlantic Station. The design of course was very Asian Modern and the the sushi was wonderful. We'll definitely be returning customers!

The bar was placed right against the the window facing the street which I found to be quite a challenging (not to mention bold) design choice. The bar shelving was adorned with strategically-placed espresso-stained bamboo to allow the light from the street to creep in. It was so chic.

Check out that ceiling detail - so much texture! And the choice of accent lighting was beautiful.

And this is where Brandon and I dined. Check out those Mongstad mirrors from rig…

product holla back

True designers are masterminds when it comes to marrying function with beauty. The following are some of the coolest designs that have been hiding in my blog folder. To not be inspired by them would be totally criminal.

If I ever got a chance to design a school, this would be my go-to. This Solitaire Workstation by Alexander Lotersztain is a beautiful (not to mention incredibly and functional) piece of art.  Check out that storage space, and bravo for the letter "G" being so ergonomic!

The Globus Scriptorium by Hammacher Schlemmer is another desk in which I found myself quite impressed. It's so futuristic, and I could totally see someone walking up on it closed and being totally intrigued. It's so reminiscent of the egg chair, yet comfortable enough do your work and fold it up when you're done.  If you ask me, it's a win-win. 

This product combines two things I really love - houndstooth, and room dividers. Normally outfitted in classic black and white, houndsto…