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charles and ray

I used to think that I would have to wait a lifetime to own an authentic piece of designer furniture. In fact, I was pretty convinced that I might never have the gumption to throw down several hundred (or several thousand) dollars for the real thing. Then I went to Goodwill on Saturday, and almost fainted.

I saw this little chair and thought, "Oh, that's a really cute "white chair" for only $2.92, and in excellent condition. We could totally rock that chair in our apartment!" 
Then I thought, "Wait a minute!" and flipped that baby over.

Yes my friends, it was an authentic Charles and Ray Eames Chair dubbed "White Chair" for ONLY $2.92! I nearly fainted. I mean literally, my head got woosy and my heart started racing. I couldn't believe that...
1. a patron would give an authentic Eames ANYTHING to Goodwill  2. no one at Goodwill knew what this chair was worth, and that 3. someone, somewhere in the cosmos wanted me to own it.
Right place…

working girl - room 82 pt. II

So do you remember the sad kitchen that I created a design for during my interview? Well, I've pretty much finished it! It was a long process, but the project definitely evolved into something that I am truly proud of. Although the initial design concept for each area remained the same, one huge component changed - the color scheme. Because my main responsibility is to increase sales (in this case sales in the kitchen department) I had to work with an exotic granite countertop that the kitchens department wanted to push, which shifted the color scheme from bright and colorful, to graphic and monochomatic. The whole design plan organically shifted over the period of a few weeks, which gave me a pretty awesome learning experience. The end result is pretty dramatic. Check it out!
R82- Before

R82- After

Aside from designing spaces from scratch, a huge responsibility of an interior designer at IKEA is to revitalize roomsets from a sales standpoint (sales steer towards particular artic…