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awesome artwork

Recently Brandon and I have been acquiring lots of artwork to incorporate into our place. There's just something about having things on the wall that make a home more personal, inviting, and lived-in. Here are two prints that we bought at an art party by a local Atlanta artist named Chris Hobe'. I love how graphic they are, and I had been patiently awaiting for something worthy enough to put on either side of our Hallaryd print in the living room. Check it out!

Brandon claims the ape, and of course I like the female.  The colors are very saturated, and look great with what we already had going on.

Oh, and notice the "C" behind the chair. It's actually a wall cabinet (a funky IKEA one for the bathroom that I couldn't help but snag because it was being discontinued). We love the color and obviously the letter "C" means something to us, so we're hoping to find it permanent home. Anyhoo, Check out the ape, appropriately placed next to Brandon's…