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happy home

I've been busy adding little touches to our home to make it more, well... happy. Adding accessories and rearranging furniture totally make the difference, and because I put myself on a furniture diet (I can't buy any more furniture because there is literally no more space) I living with what I have to transform our space into a truly happy place.

I took my grandmother's MCM chair out of the office where it had been wholly neglected and gave it a home in the living room. It definitely makes the space feel more eclectic with a vintage piece amongst all of our new pieces. It's actually the oldest piece of furniture I own and I love it. Eventually I would love to have it sanded down, restained, and reupholstered (perhaps a bright color like lime, hot pink, or orange tweed. You know me, I love color.) The pillow is part of the IKEA PS 2014 collection, and the new books were gifted to me by my lovely hubby for my birthday.

On Friday I went downstairs and bought two new hous…

working girl - bath shop

Before our Markethall remodel could officially get underway, we had to remove a couple of things (i.e. furniture). The whole bath shop furniture area to be exact! Yes, crazy I know.

 A few weeks ago, I was called upon to create a floor plan for a temporary bath shop using the existing furniture from downstairs. Long story short, a week later we - Marianne, De'Airra, Nkosana, Amber, and myself were moving hundred-pound sinks and sink cabinets upstairs to condense within one room to form a mini studio. Yes, it was definitely as crazy and labor-intensive as it sounds. Here's how it turned out.

The mission was to show each style, width, and color of bathroom cabinet that we sell, as well as a sampling of each faucet and sink type.

Godmorgon - 5 widths, 5 colors
Lillangen - 4 of the 5 types, 3 colors
Hemnes - 3 widths, 2 colors
Ronnskar family
Fullen family

We also included the most popular high cabinets, mirrors, shelving units, and carts - a sprinkling if you will - in differ…

working girl - sundvik/gulliver vignette

Hey Guys! I wanted to go ahead and share the rest of the vignettes with you!  This one focused on Sundvik products for a nursery.

Simple, sweet, and straight to the point, right? And it screams, let's get this baby changed! :)

This vignette was unique in that we had more than one wall to play with, which turned out to be quite nice. We turned the extra sliver of wall into a space for small toys and supplies.

Here are a few closeups. Oh, and just in case you're a little curious, the wall color is Pale Avocado by Benjamin Moore.

And of course you can never get too tired of the Lova leaf. It's simply a crowd-pleaser.

If you look closely you can see where I made a faux crib skirt out of fabric by the yard. I just draped a cut length over the bottom of the bed.

Marianne helped me out with the execution this vignette, so big shout outs go to her for being so amazing! Oh, and just in case you're wondering what was going on over on the far wall, why don't I go ahead and…