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rags to riches

On average, I would say that I make an online visit to Urban Outfitters about once a week. I'm always looking for super cool, hipster stuff to buy for our apartment. But truth be told, I always see awesome stuff, but lack the cash flow to shop like a hipster. Sure I've bought little trinkets and such (socks, hair accessories, etc.) but I've never found a deal in their apartment section worthy of spending MY deceased presidents. Then out of nowhere, while browsing the sale section, my impulse buy instinct kicked in ... in the form of a rug.

Not that I was actually looking for a funky little rug, I just figured it would be awesome to have a high-pile rug over the low-pile carpet in our next place. But I WAS a little hesitant. I knew that there was nothing I could really do with a 3x5 rug - at least not for our seating area. Then I thought to myself, "Self, what about putting  two rugs together? It's a rag rug, so wouldn't the seam be virtually invisible?" …