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thrifty thursdays

Hey Folks! In keeping with my promise to post more often, I figured I would go ahead and try out a few series posts to keep the momentum going. My lovely friend, Sarah, suggested that I needed to start blogging and Instagramming (Firefox, don't underline my verb! What do you mean that's not a word?) about these cool, quirky, and incredibly inexpensive deals that I happen to come across on my trips to Goodwill and beyond. Sarah, consider your challenge excepted (hugs)! I've decided to call this series, you guessed it, Thrifty Thursdays! This particular post also has a theme because it's all about drink ware. What can I say? This girl likes a good cocktail... in a beautiful glass.  

First, I'll share an oldie but goodie... in honor of Throwback Thursday, if you will. Sarah, remember the time I found a that beautiful lot of decanters just chilling on the rack a Goodwill for $21.67? I made up my mind right then and there that I was done collecting them. I now have rou…

staying put

The worst part about living in a brand-spanking new place is that you, and you alone, will be the one responsible for wearing things in. Every bump, scratch, nick, scrape, and hole in the wall will be because YOU did it. For some, that fact is quite exciting. For me, it is simply terrifying! I don't want to ruin a thing! I want to preserve every aspect of this place not just for re-sale value, but for my sanity. So naturally I did what any new homeowner / interior designer would do. I became anal about it. The thing I'm most anal about you ask? Our hardwood flooring! I've never lived in a home with new engineered hardwood floors, and I am super concerned about keeping them pristine condition.
One of the first purchases Brandon and I made for our new home was a brand new rug under our dining room table. Actually you can see it in the back seat of this post. We were both completely in love with it, and the price was very much a steal. The rug we purchased is a beautiful mul…

whose house? our house!

Yep! You read that right! At the end of March, Brandon and I took the plunge and finally bought our very first home! Thanks to God's good grace we are now proud owners of a brand-new 3 bedroom,3- 1/2 bath 3-level townhome! I guess good things come in threes? Needless to say, that's why I've been MIA for a while. Forgive me?

I began writing this post in May (we closed in late March) but I guess a late post is better than no post at all. Between packing, unpacking, working a full-time job, cooking dinner, spending time with my hubby, spending time with our friends, and gathering ideas for our new place, to say that I've been a tad bit overwhelmed it a bit of an understatement.

A selfie on closing day
To be truthful, I really didn't know if buying a place was in the cards for us any time soon. It seems like just yesterday that we were living the life in our 6th floor apartment in the city... you know, living the dream. But when the beginning of the year rolled around…