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succulent garden

A good percentage of my ideas for our home manifest in my mind for a good while until I finally work up the courage to take the plunge. I had been thinking about making a succulent garden for quite some time, but it wasn't until I saw this quirky footed bowl at work that I decided - this ish is going down!  The following isn't really what I'd call a tutorial. It's more of my own discovery process on how to plant something, make it pretty, and hopefully not completely kill it in the process.

So I laid all of my succulents and cacti out and formulated a plan of attack. I simply wanted the plants in the bowl. Pretty basic, I'll admit. But I actually couldn't leave them like this...

The first cactus I grabbed literally fell apart in my rubber-gloved hands. All of its little nubs just detached when I separated it from its pot. Now I'm no gardener, but I barely touched it. Once I got over the fact that I was definitely set up for the okey doke, I decided to s…

showroom entrance

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to be the lead designer and project manager for this year's showroom entrance remodel. Every year we remodel the entrance to give visitors a taste of the new year's catalog priority, as well as present a microcosm of what IKEA is about. For fiscal year 14 IKEA is focusing on living with children. Every winter, a set of briefs are sent to every IKEA store in the world by Common Store Planning, and it's up to each store to adapt and implement each plan into the space they have. The concepts and main priority products usually stay the same, but in addition to adapting plans to the space we have, we also inject some solutions and choices that reflect our local market.
The lead designer is generally in charge of the space planning, material selection, construction documents, transfer management, and contractor / carpentry schedules. Because it was my very first time I had A LOT of help. My co-worker Marianne (a very seasoned IKEA desig…

bedroom refresh pt. 2

Hopefully the purchase of a super chic, loft town home in a hip neighborhood is in our near future. Until then, I've been trying my best to show our bedroom some design love without spending a lot of dough. Since our plan is to only be in our current place for seven more months, I've decided to implement some fresh, frugal changes.

So here's what it  looks like now.

 In case you're in need a reader refresh, here was my plan.

The overall intent is still the same, but I made a couple of tweaks so save some cash. First, I decided to forgo purchasing some new end tables and use two we already had. On my side I'm rocking a lime green side table I purchased from Target a few years ago from their back-to-college clearance sale for $4.98.

Underneath I have a little basket that use for small things like the cable remote, my Kindle, and iPod. 

And instead of doing the matchy-matchy thing for Brandon's side, I used the Trollsta side table I'd been hoarding underne…