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entry nook

Hey there! Ever have a little nook in your space that you just had no idea what to do with? Well, that was me a little while ago. Thankfully, I just stopped playing around decided to go with my gut (as well as with things that I already owned). This little nook is in our entry and makes me smile... mostly because my "Salty Tolerance" print is like best thing ever.

If you get a little closer, you can see Brandon's little Vault Boy, which I so kindly placed in a cloche from TJ Maxx. The pair of baskets are a Goodwill find, as well as the green hand which I'm pretty sure is one half of a salad server set. We use it to hold our fur baby's waste bags (which sport a zebra print, but that's neither here nor there). 

Truth be told, most of the drawers in the Sprutt cabinet are empty, but the first few are filled with Chips' fabulous wardrobe. Sweaters on the left, dresses and t-shirts on the right. As you can probably gather, pink is her color. Don't hate.