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December 16, 2010

So it's finally time to start turning my attention towards our beloved sunroom. Up until now, it's been primarily used for things that we've slowly been putting away. Now that we're almost done with the dining room (posting a picture of the new storage soon) I can finally think about how I would like the space to function. I was thinking that turning it into a restful place would be ideal. Then I thought, hey, why not a lounge area?

For the most amazing sunroom I've seen, check out Young House Love here.

How with that being said it looks that the most obvious place to start would be choosing the right daybed. After turning the net upside down, I was finally able to find some modern daybeds that really tickle my fancy.

West Elm Overlapping Squares Daybed - White
West Elm Overlapping Squares Daybed - Chocolate
Of course West Elm holds the top spot in the chic, modern daybed department. You'll see the overlapping square series almost everywhere. My only gripe, is that they are a little more than I would like to spend. The frame by itself is only $449, but when you start to add on a mattress, bolsters, sheets, it gets a little pricey.

West Elm 2x2 Daybed - Chocolate

The 2x2 isn't bad either. At only $229 it's definitely affordable, but it's nearly impractical if you don't buy the bolsters (they are an additional $99 for a set of two). Also, I worry if they would actually stay in place or just roll onto the floor whenever you try to lay on them. Plus, let's not forget that the mattress is additional.

Astoria Metal Daybed - Champagne
The Astoria is actually kind of cute. I especially like the circles. It also has a pop-up trundle option (which would be great if we have more than one buddy that would need to crash) and did I mention it also comes with a mattress? All for $639 with free shipping.
Miami Metal Daybed - Coffee

This daybed is awesome because I dig the lattice-like detail. It's also a little higher for back support. The Miami is $599 including trundle and mattress. Of course it has free shipping. Did I mention that I like free shipping? 

Hillsdale Chloe Metal Daybed - Black Metal

This last one is perhaps my favorite because I like the simple, modern detail and I love the price. The Chloe is $360 with the free mattress and $469.15 for the trundle option with the free mattress. I might be settling in on a decision pretty soon. I just need to run it by the hubby. 

Oh, and let me not forget to post pics of the sunroom (right now we have it closed off from the living room like a nice little cocoon) as well as the current state of affairs in the living room. And as always, don't forget to tell me your thoughts! I'd love some feedback! :)

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  1. I think I actually like the West Elm 2x2 the most - it looks the least like a bed. Although I think you could really make the last one look good. It looks like they just threw a sheet and some crappy pillows on it!


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