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Party Planning (with Paperless Post)

For several months, my husband, Brandon and I have been talking about how we would like to treat some of our friends to a nice brunch in our home. But here's the thing - the idea of planning parties has always felt a tad bit overwhelming for me. Just the thought of creating a guest list, making invites, managing RSVPs, planning a menu, and making sure that our home is ready for guests is enough to make me wish that I had just stayed in the bed and watched a movie! This time around I want to easily integrate party planning into my busy life, so that I don't have to worry about being completely overwhelmed by all the details. So when Paperless Post reached out to me about working with their invitations, I figured it was a perfect time to pull the trigger on a party!

I'm a list person, so breaking down all of the details into list format helped me to create a comprehensive overview of what actually needs to be accomplished before the big event. From this, I came up with 6 mai…