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staff lounge

I've been a very busy girl. In conjunction with our big admin off remodel,  I was given the task of designing our new staff lounge. Here's the sadness of what used to be:

Five tired Jappling arm chairs, a coffee table, and sad tv (with a huge lack of cord management). Yeah, it was nothing to brag about, especially since we work at IKEA. The back of the house was definitely neglected, so with the opportunity for a remodel, I definitely wanted to spice things up a bit and show our co-workers a little luxury. I also wanted to incorporate more seating well beyond five people.

Here's a photo of the room once after the flooring was stripped. Below you'll see that a new wall was installed underneath the header on the left wall.

My manager and I collaborated to choose the wall color. A vast improvement over the original wall color, eh? The focal wall is Olive Moss and the left and right walls are Deep Silver - both by Benjamin Moore. And because I love doing elevations, I …