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have a seat

Let's just keep it short and sweet today... here are the new chairs that we got a few ago weeks from Target.

It's called the Dolce lounge chair, and it's downright adorable. We got two for an amazing price (with the help of a sale, a percentage off coupon, my working advantage website, and a wedding gift card). All that came to $135 for 2! Here they are in our living room. 

Right now they're sitting in front of the opening to our sun room. We love them because they're low (so they don't impede the view) and they are quite comfortable! Check out our jewel tone pillows! Teal, purple, and lime are definitely here to stay! It's all coming together little by little. Let me know what you think!

the great storage debate

So Brandon and I have come to the conclusion that the only way we are going to be able to put away all of our wedding gifts is by purchasing a sideboard for our dining room. Of course knowing me, I always check out potentials at work before I begin searching all over ( I mean how could I not, I spend more time in the blue box than I do in our humble abode, but I digress...) Anyhoo, there are lots of neat options, all modern of course, but I can't help but be baffled on which one we should go with. Keep in mind that our table is black brown, so I can't decide if I want strict cohesion or contrast. Here are the top choices:

I can't help it, but there is something so sweet about it. At only $99, the price is one of the most attractive things about it, and I totally dig the nod to high school. I also comes in toolbox red. The only drag is that you have to keep the keys in to open it. But I guess that's a small drag, not necessarily a huge one.

This is the next option, which …