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stuck on me

So I've settled into the reality that our future place will more than likely come equip with white or beige walls that I will not be able paint. But there's always a way to decorate the walls with color without messing with your landlord's fresh paint job. How about some removable wall stickers? It's a really cool trend, and when done right (and not cheesy like "live, laugh, love" ) it can transcend any painted wall imaginable. Check out these from everyone's favorite handmade site, Etsy.

These dandelions are so sweet. It definitely adds a much needed pop of color and gives the chair more impact. I also like how it's playing off the collage of pictures. (seller: Art Condutor)

I'm in love with tree branches and there are lots to choose from! This is one of my favorites. (seller: Artwall Project)

Everyone deserves a little humor in the bathroom? How cool is this? No one will ever have an excuse. (seller:Decal Monograms)

 How stunning is this? Not sure …