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working girl- lwt pt. duex

With so much going on, I totally forgot to share the photos for our Living with Textiles Exhibit. Most of these were taken on opening morning before the showroom lighting came on, but nonetheless it's all quite beautiful. Check it out! 

I was responsible for 2 main areas. This one was Continental Dark. My favorite part (and consequently the most challenging) was hanging all of the textiles behind the bed. It involved of up and down the ladder, and taking a step back every few minutes to make sure it was hanging just the way I wanted. It turned out pretty awesome though.

Eventually we made the bed because we learned that for some reason, customers are less likely to bother a made bed than an intentionally disheveled one.  Sigh... it was cool while it lasted though.

The other space I took under my wing was referred to as the youth space of the bunch. It turned out pretty awesome though if I do say so myself. Big shout out to my girl Erin for all of her help and keeping me giggling…

working girl - btc

As an interior designer, my areas of responsibility generally fall under Kitchens and Dining, as well as Children's IKEA. Because the other lovely ladies of on my team were quite busy with the demand of the Living with Textiles Exhibit, my manager approached me about creating a room to coincide with the "Back to College" message for the store. Needless to say, I was pretty stoked for the opportunity!
 Initially, our sales manager wanted to work with a loft bed (a solution that was already well-represented in the showroom) but nevertheless, I created several floor plans with this piece in mind. My manager and I were pretty disappointed by the selection of the loft bed - we preferred a bunk bed to really drive home the reality of college roomate living - so we agreed that I should also present an option with a bunk bed (you know, for good measure). 
The sales manager and especially the Work IKEA manager loved bunk bed floor plan the most, particularly because I was able t…

100 dresses

Aside from textiles, art is one of the most important elements that can transform a space into a home. For me, choosing art was always a challenge. I had no idea what type of art I preferred, but I eventually learned that as long as a piece speaks to you, it's more than justification for making it into your personal art collection. Quite often, a specific piece of artwork can also be a great jumping-off point for inspiration in a space. Just recently I started getting into local artists here in the Atlanta area. There are so many artists creating stunning works of art, and any time you can get an authentic piece of artwork instead of a reproduction, it's a pretty awesome thing to bring home.
Today I wanted to share the artwork of the incredibly talented mixed media artist Sharon Crumley. Her "100 Dresses" project is catching a lot of attention at local events and art fairs around Metro Atlanta. Inspired by the book The Hundred Dresses by Elenor Estes, Sharon decided…