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House Update

Lately I've been doing my best to keep my energy up so that I feel in the decorating mood after work. Frankly, my job can be so mentally and physically challenging, that it's a miracle when I can cook dinner and take a shower in the evenings. But I've been doing my best, and there have been quite a few changes in our place since my last house update. Check it out!

First up, we upgraded our West Elm Cooper Sofa to an IKEA Stockholm sofa (originally $999, down to $599). And no, I didn't misspeak when I said upgrade, I really meant it. Yes, it is indeed possible to upgrade from West Elm to IKEA. You see, Cooper served us well (for 7 years in fact), but truly it's more of a shallow, tight back sitting sofa, and not a lounging sofa. It had a white cotton cover with a tailored skirt that was great for washing, but the sofa underneath was a simple base covered in muslin, and supported with plastic legs. Cooper was doing just fine, until one day I noticed that the right f…