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good cheer

I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday season! I just wanted to share some tidbits from Christmas! This year, I decided to get a little creative with wrapping gifts.

Since I was still on my "use what you have" kick, I ending up using brown kraft paper, yarn, and ribbon. Here they are all nestled under the tree.

Christmas was an intimate setting. My mommy and I cooked for Brandon. Nothing special. Just candlelight, family, and food. Everything was pretty low-key, but lovely.

Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as well, and Happy New Year! Let's do it EVEN BIGGER this year!

on occasion

Just recently I decided to give the inset in our dining area a little makeover.  I'm sure that you remember the dining situation from our previous apartment.  Well, to say the least, the PS cabinet was a little small for our current living dining area (and we no longer needed the storage because our kitchen is much bigger). So I decided to put the cabinet in the office, and switch it out with something a little more daring and proportional to the space. I measured the space at a whopping 79", so I thought, why not a Malm occasional table... in orange of course.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a pop of color!  When my hubby took it out of the box, he asked with a puzzle face, "Baby, is this the right color?" "Yes!" I said confidently. "It's actually supposed to be orange".  "Okay..." he replied. I must admit, it was a tad bit hilarious. (You had to be there.) But he definitely trusts my pure awesomeness.

It was after 6pm when …

room 82

When I was 22, three months after I graduated from college, I became a kitchen planner for IKEA. Over the last two years I have wanted nothing more than to graduate from the kitchens department, and become an interior designer for the store. On December 5th, my dream finally became reality when I was offered the position. Words simply can not express how grateful I am for this opportunity!
My experience as a kitchen seller (the title and responsibilities changed over time to accommodate volume selling) has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, as well as the most challenging. I've sold literally hundreds of kitchens, helped thousands of people, and somehow managed to stay sane the entire time. Working retail in and of itself is a hard job, but working retail at IKEA is a whole different ball game, one I played for 28 months. It did however have its wonderful moments. Selling kitchens gave me platform to help people change their lives, and frankly, what designer …

holly jolly

I was so proud of myself this year. For the first time, I put the Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving. Check it out!

This year we decided to place it right next to the tv. You know, for maximum exposure. Bedsides, that blank corner was definitely begging for more. Last year the tree was in the sunroom and we barely got to enjoy it.

Because the tree is black it has a pretty modern vibe, it coordinates nicely with our living room decor. I'm not really a fan of the traditional red and green Christmas, so colors like turquoise, lime green, hot pink, and purple are more of my style. Can't wait to finally start putting some gifts underneath it.

I also decided to hang our wreaths this year on either side of the sofa.
And our apartment complex had a holiday door decorating contest. Of course our door was our favorite.

I used green painter's tape and a bow that I purchased last year. It took me about an hour-and-a-half. Cheap chic, or what? Brandon and I decided not to spe…

poppy love

When we moved into our place, I kept thinking about how tall and open everything was (which I love).  But knew that I needed to work a little harder to make this apartment feel warm, welcoming, and fun. This wall in our kitchen is such a huge focal point, so I wanted to do it up right. Truth be told, I wanted to forgo hanging photos or ordinary kitchen art, and go with something that was a show stopper. Enter Slatthult wall stickers.


A couple of my co-workers asked me how I was able to get the stems so long. I actually used a combination of  about two packs. My lovely friend Brandeis did poppies in her half bathroom and had two flowers and an abundance of stems left over. I love that I was able to take advantage of the height. The flower coming out of the tile was Brandon's idea, and I must say that he always has this way of tweaking my ideas to make them even better. Oh, and because putting together something like this is always a trial and error sort of thing, I i…

sweet november

Sorry that I've been a little MIA! I've been grinding so hard that I've neglected my little blog, but I'm back in the saddle and ready to share some more cool stuff with you guys! Brandon and I hosted our first Thanksgiving with the help of my fabulous mommy, and it turned out pretty awesome! We cooked up a feast, and I decorated like a fiend. Call me crazy, but I HAD to buy some fresh flowers for our place. It all started with a bouquet of sunflowers and an assorted fall bunch from Kroger.

 I bought little Ovantad vases to hold them, which actually turned out to be ultra cute.

Here is the the table (fully extended) before it was dressed for company.

Since I'm still on that "work with what you have" kick, I decided to use a runner that I bought in Target's 1 spot a long time ago. I also incorporated some bamboo place mats that were once used as Brandon's headboard that I designed in college (yeah, I was thrifty). Check out the texture through th…