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dining with dar

So after my frantic dining chair search, I have finally come across a chair that I know would feel right at home with our round Bjursta. Check it out. It should look a tad bit familiar.

Yes, and I am not afraid to admit that this is a classic reproduction of the classic Charles and Ray Eames Dar chair. These puppies are sold as a set of 2 on Overstock for only $166.79! Of course I was a little skeptical (I mean who sells reproductions for this cheap?) but my fears were immediately eased when I read all of the amazingly positive comments. The product has been given 5 stars, and though it's not the real deal, don't you think that everyone is entitled to their own little "design within reach"? I'm totally excited about them (of course I cleared them with the future hubby and he thinks they would look great) so I'm ordering them within the next few weeks. Combine the price with the $2.95 shipping (gosh I love Overstock) and boys and girls, I believe that we have a…

a happy mistake

So you might remember when I initially showed you the photo of my bridesmaids' dress. It went a little something like this...
 Well needless to say, in April I found out that this dress was nowhere NEAR the hot pink color that I had been picturing in my head. It actually turned out to be plum after some of my girls ordered it. Trust me, I nearly had a heart attack. But, seeing as though it was still so early, I was able to correct the problem by choosing another dress and ordering it for myself to confirm my choice.

Not only do I love the color more (it's dead on), but the cut of the dress with the ruching on the tummy not only flatters the body but looks so sweet and sexy. When the dress came in I was, well, tickled pink. The shoes my girls will be wearing are chocolate satin heels. I'm super de duper excited about how awesome everything will look. Especially with the surprise pop of color for the jewelry!

As for the guys, they will be wearing chocolate pinstripe tuxes with …

sweet suite

So Brandon and I finally got our invitations out on Monday and I feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! Yesterday I got a text pic from a friend sending me a picture of my wedding invitation suite, and you know what, something that simple made me so happy! It was exactly the kind of picture that I've envied on other wedding sites that I frequent. To finally have my invites out and receiving compliments from others really made me feel great. It's so awesome to see my dreams coming true!

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's our save the date.

And here's the invitation suite I created complete with RSVP card and map with hotel information. The suite was sent in a kraft brown 9x4 envelope. I am sooo happy to finally share it with everyone. Thanks for the pic, Jess! I really needed that small pick me up to let me know I'm going in the right direction!


Because I work in the world of kitchens, I can't help but appreciate unique kitchen ideas when I see them. These images have been in my blog folder for a while now, so I thought to myself, "Why not share them with [you]?" Here are some cool trends that I'm currently loving.

I think open shelves are so cool and stream-lined. I really love them because they're honest and open. What better way than to force yourself to keep organized? Also, I can't help but feel a sense of rest with all of the horizontal lines. I definitely wouldn't mind living like this. In my world, Nexus blk-brn and lack floating shelves.

How about the lighting under the base cabinets? I'm diggin' it. I also love how the cabinetry is installed between two walls instead of being exposed on either side, the integrated look is forever in. And how about that custom banquette? Amazing. In my world, Abstrakt white, and Dioder lighting strips.

The red is a show stopper, and I can't hel…


Brandon and I have finally found a place to begin our life post-marriage and I can not be more excited! We'll be moving into a 2 bed, 2 bath, with a sun room. Awesome, right? So with the move in date just over a month from now I figured that there's no time like the present to start choosing the staples that will collaborate to form our humble abode. What better place for me to start than at my favorite furniture store where it would be absolutely criminal if I did not take advantage of my resources. Here's what we're working with.

I am so in love with this Flyn Beata curtain panel set. I always like to start a room with some inspiration and I think that this is it. The colors are beautiful and I would love to pull some colors from this panel to splash around the apartment (of course sparingly because I'm over my college kaleidoscope of color phase). What do you say? I think it's a great place to start.

If you've been with me since the beginning, you probably…