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dining with a docksta

So I have been totally debating whether or not I need this table in my life. Sure it's "an interpretation" of one of the most recognized tables in history, but at $149 can you really justify not having some Saarinen worship in your home?

With that being said, I asked some advice from my dining expert Eddie at work, and he told me the structural integrity of a table that comes in parts is only sound as the person who spends the time to construct it. In other words, no wobble worries if you do it right! I think the Docksta would be a great starter table. Let's see how people make this simple little "nod to greatness" look adorable.

 I love the idea of some fresh pillows in the dining chairs. You can change them out seasonally. A chic lighting fixture would give the table some sparkle too.

 Ha! There goes that Stockholm Rand (which I am still loving by the way).  The chair legs blend in so well with the rug, that you can't help but notice the table base.

Black a…


Stripes that work...

A striped Karlstad? Why not? This looks like a lovely little place to chill out with a magazine.

The architectural detail painted out in a stripes is so genius, but I definitely think that the chair is trying to still the show.

Take it from the baseboards all the way up to the ceiling.  This is pretty chic, especially with a big splash of yellow breaking up the gray.

cozying up

Every time I pass this picture in my inspiration folder I can't help but think about cuddling up to my boo. I miss him sooooo much. He'll be graduating in just 3 short weeks and moving up to Atlanta. I'm so excited about being able to design a space for just the two of us. I can't wait!

Black, white, and lots of texture. How comfy is this? Very.  A fireplace is definitely on the apartment wish list.

So beautiful. I fully anticipate being able to lie in the bed for hours on end, stare into each others eyes, and make each other giggle . Life's going to be wonderful. I see a mental health day ahead. :)

lay your head on my pillow...

So I just had to share these because I thought that they were freakin' adorable. They really remind of how amazing it's going to be to have a permanent bed partner for the rest of my life. Yeah, deep huh? I really like the idea of mixing textiles on the bed. I mean don't get me wrong, I like matching bed sets, but mixing it up really adds interest. I mean you might as well right? After all, the bed is where you spend 1/3 of your life. I say start small. Check out these unique pillow cases... and just relax.

 For the animal lover

For the nature lover

For the rocker in you

For the cool couple

For the nerdy couple

To remind one another daily

Because one of you is the more musically-inclined one

Don't worry, you could switch pillow cases occasionally...


black, white, and glamorous all over

So I must say that lately I've developed an obsession with all things black and white. It's like whenever the two get together, they always set the stage for a chic collaboration. As far as basics in a home go, I believe that neutrals can truly ground a space (not to mention be a long-lasting investment as your styles change). Black, white (and creams) are great foundations, and can easily be transformed by a big pops of color (and boy do I love color - just ask my college roomies)! I really want our future place to be a mix of cool modern meets fashion-forward traditional. Here are some basics that I happened to have fallen in love with for their glamorous potential.

I'm dreaming of very chic chairs like this Becca Linen dining chair with nail head trim and splayed, tapered, black brown legs.  I can just imagine me and my bookie having cute, little dinner parties while sharing laughter for hours in chairs like these. I mean who wouldn't love the juxtaposition of a …