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I can seat clearly now

Not sure if you knew this or not, but I have a real crush on acrylic furniture. Besides slobbering over the Adair coffee table on Overstock (by the way, I still haven't taken the leap on it yet), I managed to satisfy my acrylic craving by adding some new dining chairs to the mix. How much? Just $104 for the pair. The result? I'm pretty much in love with them. Now to be clear (ha, made a funny) I wasn't always scouring Target's website for these chairs. I pretty much stumbled upon them after search for a chic alternative to this chair:

Yeah, meet Tobias. And because Tobias was $99.99 (now on New Lower Price for $79.99) I just couldn't justify paying that much for dining chairs - even with my employee discount. So I scoured the net, hoping that I would come across something priced a little bit better (yes, less expensive than IKEA), and I found it. Yes, the chairs differ from the cantilevered design of the Tobias, but the "acrylic chair" aspect was the mos…

looks like money

It's not a secret that great design doesn't have to cost a lot of money.  I stumbled upon this photo via Apartment Therapy and and fell in love with the look of identical shelving units flanking both sides of the sofa. Long story short, I couldn't deny it's chicness, but the units also looked pretty expensive. I racked my brain for a minute trying to figure out what I could use to duplicate this effect, then I remembered good ole' Hyllis, and everything came together. The shelving unit is only $15, and with a little spray paint added to its industrial look, it would be pretty easy to make Hyllis look like money.

Above are a few things that we've accumulated and things that I was hoping to purchase. I found out yesterday that the slot coffee table that I was hoping to buy (that was on sale for $199) is now gone. Yeah, I'm pretty bummed about it. Me and the hubby were just not able to sync up to check it out at the store. But I think it may mean that the Ad…

cheap chic - art

Don't you just hate it when you find something really cute for the walls in your place, and the price tag is a little out of reach (or way out of reach)? So do I. A little while back, I was feeling the same way when I came across this art from CB2.

YES! I mean, who doesn't love a nice, affirmative statement? It's simple, bold, and modern. Just what I wanted for... well, to be honest, I didn't really know where I was going to put it, but I knew that I wanted it to come home with me. Then I saw that the price tag for just 3 letters was well over a $100 (on sale)! You know me, I just couldn't stand for that. So being the thrifty chick that I am, I took my booty right over to Hobby Lobby to make some magic happen.

Smaller that the original, but still awesome, I bought three 3-D cardboard letters for $2.48 each. Then I got the paint out and went to town. I used red acrylic paint that I picked up for about $5 which came with all 3 primary colors plus black and white.


see, what happened was...

As you may recall, our sunroom was actually coming along rather nice. Here's a trip down memory lane.

First it was home to a myriad of flat-packed boxes.

Then I found the steal of the century - a $99 brand-spankin' new Cooper sofa (originally $799) from West Elm. I also found some cheap pillows, and unrolled a charming, little rug.

Then, I thought hey - why not take the side tables from the living room, and create a coffee table of sorts for a nice pop of color. So it transformed into this:

I also saved a pair of Linus chairs from As-is (notice the tag still on in this shot) for $18 each - originally $39.99. I covered one with our faux lamb skin for some variation.

So yeah, it was looking a little like this. Still some ways to go, but a big improvement from September of last year. But now, our sun room looks like this:

A complete H.A.M.! And why does our sunroom like this? Well, Klamby DIED!!! And when I say die, I mean the bottom cushions disconnected from the frame, and the on…