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diy update

Hey Guys! I've been all over the place trying to get my ducks in a row for this wedding. Here's some things I've been working on and the inspiration behind it all.

So I saw the idea of using a sweet, little birdcage for cards and such instead of creating the traditional box with a slit on top. How adorable is this? I mean really!

My future mother-in-law (fmil) got us this birdcage and I thought that it was so romantic. You can slide in a card on the top and sides. I'm pretty excited about it!

So I'm sure that you might remember seeing this picture before. There are some amazing doors that look pretty similar to these at my venue that we can can hang our letters from (P.S. how awesome is it that our monogram is R&B). The doors at our venue have vintage loop knockers, so it will be as simple as tying them on.

Of course my awesome fmil got these from Hobby Lobby. I'm contemplating on spray painting them, but I haven't decided what color yet.What do you think?

bubble bathalicious

Just thought I would share a few of the adorable bathrooms that I've been coveting lately. You know, whether you have an apartment, a house, or your dream home, a few fantastic pops of color and some unexpected elements is all you need to turn your boring bath into a sweet sanctuary.

I absolutely love this bathroom. Everything works so wonderfully. Check out the stripes (you know I love a good stripe), and the ledge inside the shower for decorative goodies. I also love box of rolled towels. They would be a perfect welcome for guests.
Black in a bathroom? Why not? Glossy floors constantly reflect light around the room and the white also does a lot for balance. The skirt under the sink is so charming, and the side table for bath essentials is a nice touch.
How adorable is this? The decorative sunburst is great. It's definitely a tub-only situation seeing as though there is drywall in the tub surround. Grey and yellow is so hot right now and this is no exception. Two thumbs up.


homegoods happy

Oooo.... I swear I can't go to Homegoods or TJMaxx without falling in love with something. For someone in constant search of stylish deals, I can barely control myself when it comes to walking out of the store with something amazing. I mean HELLO, designer goods at discount prices! Who can resist? I know I can't. Here's some of the awesome things I found to get my inspiration juices flowing.

For crying out loud - I am a complete sucker for lighting. Check out the turquoise lamp on the bottom right-hand side, I already own a matching pair that I acquired from the TJMaxx back at school. I simply couldn't help myself.

Moroccan inspired anyone? I thought these side tables were super chic. I think they would look great nestled next to a sofa or outside on a sweet balcony oasis. Moorish arches for everyone!!!

Check out these side tables and buffet. I totally dig the curvy bases and the fretwork. They're so modern, yet elegant. Pops of white always tickle my fancy. Check ou…

graduation goodies

So for those of you who didn't know, my honey graduated earlier this month! He's now home getting ready for his grown-man job that will be starting on Monday. I just wanted to share the invite that I made for him.

If you look closely, you'll see some of his most astonishing achievements in the background (you can click it for a closer view).We eventually revised the text to accommodate our home address for his after-ceremony graduation party. So proud of you Babe! Muah!