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a sweet treat

Just wanted to share a little something that I got from work yesterday. My co-worker gathered a bunch of pink carnations from an event that was going on and surprised me with them during my lunch. It really made my day! Here's what I did with them when I got home.

I immediately took out my acrylic block vase and separated each carnation into it's own little vile. Instead of the dining room table, I selected a spot on the sideboard for a nice change of scenery.

 Then, call me fancy-schamcy, but I decided to light the tea lights that already had a home on the sideboard.

 The colors were glorious.

Then I took the three remaining stems and gave them a home on the ledge between the kitchen and dining room. The flower bunch came with the most electric green moss I had ever seen. I was so smitten!

All in all, after a very long day at work, this was a very sweet ending. Thanks, Marie!

happy corner

I swear I've been thinking about my blog all week. I wish I had the time and strength to post every day but alas, a girls gotta sell kitchens (at ridiculous times during the week). Today I wanted to share a cute, little project that I did on my day off to dazzle up the forgotten corner of our bedroom. I knew we needed some artwork, so I did myself a favor and raided my parents attic for some free frames last time I was home.

Here's the box I smuggled back from Leesburg. Notice the nice, thick layers of dust.

Check out the dark frames. I managed to find 6 matching ones with awesome pictures of cheetahs, elephants, and zebras inside, and when I say awesome, I do mean awesome. The photos were nifty because I used as templates for hanging.

Side note, check out the chair. It once belonged to my grandmother, and I feel so blessed that I was able to give it a new home. Can't stand to see a mid century chair go to waste! Here's a better photo of it.

It's actually in really go…