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House Update

Lately I've been doing my best to keep my energy up so that I feel in the decorating mood after work. Frankly, my job can be so mentally and physically challenging, that it's a miracle when I can cook dinner and take a shower in the evenings. But I've been doing my best, and there have been quite a few changes in our place since my last house update. Check it out!

First up, we upgraded our West Elm Cooper Sofa to an IKEA Stockholm sofa (originally $999, down to $599). And no, I didn't misspeak when I said upgrade, I really meant it. Yes, it is indeed possible to upgrade from West Elm to IKEA. You see, Cooper served us well (for 7 years in fact), but truly it's more of a shallow, tight back sitting sofa, and not a lounging sofa. It had a white cotton cover with a tailored skirt that was great for washing, but the sofa underneath was a simple base covered in muslin, and supported with plastic legs. Cooper was doing just fine, until one day I noticed that the right f…

Creative Woman of Color - Heather Twitty

Since my 30th birthday a few months ago, I've been doing my best to live my life with more intention. I've really been thinking about what I can do to propel myself forward in my personal as well as professional life. What really matters? What do I want for myself? Somewhere along my new journey towards self discovery, I realized that I have developed a sincere need to see other women following their passions and taking advantage of their lives in a meaningful way. 
This very idea inspired me to take a closer look at other creative women of color. To be honest, there simply aren't enough sources telling stories from our point of view. What are our dreams... our successes, our struggles? What have we learned? How can we relate to other women? Well, I want to expose my readers to the young, creative, talented, driven, and even entrepreneurial-minded ladies out there that inspire me to keep going. These are women that I truly admire. Hopefully this interview series will beco…

Knock knock

They say that April showers bring May flowers. I really hope so because the constant rain in Georgia is getting a little cray. It's almost like a tease - sunny, beautiful 70 degree weather one day, then a dreary torrential downpour the next. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'm ready to welcome spring and all its glory (even if we have to endure the pollen). With that in mind, I've been thinking a lot about adding some life and color to our front porch. Our townhouse is part of a community, therefore I can't paint my door a fun hue, but what I can do is add personality to our little stoop. I would love to drop clues to visitors or any potential passerby of the vibrant interior that will ensue once they cross our threshold!
While I was searching for a doormat online to serve as a starting point for my refresh, I kept landing on Target's website. Their current selection of doormats are so spring-inspired and incredibly affordable, so I thought that a rou…

6 tips for planting a succulent garden

Anyone who knows me can attest that I'm always down for a good house plant! I love the energy it adds to a space, and nothing can compare to the feeling you get when you notice that a plant you brought into your home is growing up all big and strong like a good boy or girl! Today, I wanted to talk a bit about how I tackled a plant-related project that has been on my list for quite some time... a new succulent garden. Now if you've been following along with me for quite some time, you know that this is not my first time at the succulent garden rodeo!
The first time I tried my hand at a succulent garden, I completely ruined the soil by making it way too damp when I initially planted it (coupled with the fact that I didn't have anything at the bottom of my container for drainage). Within a week or so my poor little babies swelled and burst. Yea, it wasn't pretty. But today I'm back for round two a little older and wiser. So real quick, before we begin, here are 6 tip…

goodbye 2016

Hi Everyone! Well here it is... the last post of 2016. I miraculously managed to out-do myself this year by writing one more post than I did last last year, so that in itself is a triumph! I just wanted to stop in and tell you that while I am very grateful for the many blessings that this year has brought us, 2016 has me jaded, and I am ready for this year to be over! I know that I'm not alone when I say that a fresh, new start is definitely needed.

But before we close the chapter on 2016, I would like to recap my holiday with you guys. Because we can't just let pretty pictures go to waste, now can we? How about that Christmas tree this year? I just used the slim line tree in the living room and called it a day! No stressing like last year. Sweet and simple.

I kept it inexpensive with old ribbon, paper balls from paper shop ( I just closed them with tiny bulldog clips and stuck them on the tree) and tiny vases of fresh flowers from a Kroger Manager's special bouquet.

But …

fall refresh

Happy Fall, Everyone! It seems as though every design blogger's favorite season is finally here! (Well, my favorite season is actually summer, but I can get down with Fall because it pretty much still feels like summer here in Georgia.) While browsing the Arhaus website, I became particularly inspired to add a few touches of Fall to my decor. Today I am sharing how I prepared my space for Fall, and how surprisingly easy it was do so! If it's not your first rodeo here on chic little me, you know that I am no stranger to color. Honestly my commitment to color is much more indicative of Spring and Summer, but I could never neutralize my home to accommodate seasonal decor! Instead, I came up with 3 easy ways to incorporate Fall decor into my home without sacrificing my personal style. 

How to integrate Fall decor in 3 easy steps... Step #1 Add Mixed Metals

Silver, copper, and brass not only go with just about any decor, they also add a little luxe to any space. Not only are they tot…