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December 5, 2011

When we moved into our place, I kept thinking about how tall and open everything was (which I love).  But knew that I needed to work a little harder to make this apartment feel warm, welcoming, and fun. This wall in our kitchen is such a huge focal point, so I wanted to do it up right. Truth be told, I wanted to forgo hanging photos or ordinary kitchen art, and go with something that was a show stopper. Enter Slatthult wall stickers.



A couple of my co-workers asked me how I was able to get the stems so long. I actually used a combination of  about two packs. My lovely friend Brandeis did poppies in her half bathroom and had two flowers and an abundance of stems left over. I love that I was able to take advantage of the height. The flower coming out of the tile was Brandon's idea, and I must say that he always has this way of tweaking my ideas to make them even better. Oh, and because putting together something like this is always a trial and error sort of thing, I invite you to poke fun at me in the time lapse video. What? Rae does time lapse videos for her blog now? Yeah she does. Gotta step my game up.

Let me preface the video with this:
I had just gotten home from work.
Brandon was cooking me dinner (cue the awww...)
Next time I'll figure out how to add music.   :)

And in case you were wondering about what else is going on in our kitchen, here's some more action.

The tile and countertop are awesome, but they too felt a little blah. The outlet plates were just screaming, so I softened the look with some art and photos. Did I mention that we have way more kitchen than we are accustomed to using?

It's coming along, guys. I'll be sharing more soon!

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