a sweet treat

June 12, 2011

Just wanted to share a little something that I got from work yesterday. My co-worker gathered a bunch of pink carnations from an event that was going on and surprised me with them during my lunch. It really made my day! Here's what I did with them when I got home.

I immediately took out my acrylic block vase and separated each carnation into it's own little vile. Instead of the dining room table, I selected a spot on the sideboard for a nice change of scenery.

 Then, call me fancy-schamcy, but I decided to light the tea lights that already had a home on the sideboard.

 The colors were glorious.

Then I took the three remaining stems and gave them a home on the ledge between the kitchen and dining room. The flower bunch came with the most electric green moss I had ever seen. I was so smitten!

All in all, after a very long day at work, this was a very sweet ending. Thanks, Marie!


  1. Lovely! I think it is amazing how fresh flowers can make any room cheery! In your place they only add more lovliness to what is already there!

  2. Thanks, Ginger! Those carnations lasted for at least two weeks! It was amazing!


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