just a little throwback

February 12, 2010

It's so hard to believe that almost a year ago I graduated from the most challenging, yet rewarding time of my life. This is just a throwback as I revisit memories on my jump drive that make me think about everything that I've been through, and what a wonderful experience it was to pursue my passion. Please everyone, know that all of your dreams are possible! Believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, and that you haven't even come close to reaching your full potential!

Invites I made for my graduation in Photoshop CS2. (click 'em to take a closer look)

Twas the story of my life.

My senior thesis: LUXE lanes and lounge


The studio family, at our practicum event.

The studio fam (with our big girl panties on) throwing the younger studio's practicum event.


Me and my extended Interior Design family. 


Me and my lovely roomie (more like a sister), Crystal.

Me and my bestie, Michelle.


Chase your dreams people! I still have so far to go, and I can't be more excited.

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