la femme

February 9, 2010

Lately, I been really obsessed with spaces that evoke that feminine feeling. Soft and subtle shades of creams, pinks, and purples just take my breath away. So light, so airy, so chic...


Everything is this vignette is working. I love the wall of drapery is a bold statement (the gradation is gorgeous by the way), but the creamy, armless sofa and swirled rug keeps it light and fresh. The chocolate accents ground the space and give the eye a place to rest. Yeah, I'm thinking about how cool the lamp is too.


Intense wall color? Roll with it! The open shelving lends balance by giving just a sneak peek to what's behind it after one begins filling the shelves. I love the way the tuxedo sofa is framed, and who doesn't love a good quote?


 This dining space is so heavenly. Don't even get me started about the wing back banquette seating! I love neutrals in a space because it creates so much versatility. The muted color pallet of the pillows and linens could be switched up occasionally depending on the mood.

Who ever said white was a challenge? Notice how the white is sprinkled around in the Nelson pendant lamp and the writing desk. Subtle accents of orange and pink make this white so sophisticated, and the light flooding in bounce everywhere. So bright, yet so right.

This color story is masterfully done. Paint color and ottoman - check. Roman shade and rug - check. Sofa and flooring check. Pendant and artwork - check. Stunning. Enough said.


I often think that purple is a color that just doesn't get enough respect. I love this purple, lilac, and chocolate! I'm sure that any female would be happy to call this room their sweet sleep escape.

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  1. I am in love with that tree-limb lamp! I wonder if it's made of plaster/plastic, metal, or actual wood...


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