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February 6, 2010

Love Sushi? Yeah, me too - quite possibly one of the greatest things God ever created. On Thursday, I surprised my boo by taking him to a restaurant I had been curious about for a while (I pass it everyday on the way to work). It turned out to be more awesome than I thought possible. It's called Zen on Ten, and it's located on the corner of 10th Street and Northside on the outskirts of Atlantic Station. The design of course was very Asian Modern and the the sushi was wonderful. We'll definitely be returning customers!


The bar was placed right against the the window facing the street which I found to be quite a challenging (not to mention bold) design choice. The bar shelving was adorned with strategically-placed espresso-stained bamboo to allow the light from the street to creep in. It was so chic.

Check out that ceiling detail - so much texture! And the choice of accent lighting was beautiful.

And this is where Brandon and I dined. Check out those Mongstad mirrors from right down the street. I love it when designers throw in inexpensive elements that make a huge impact. And if by any chance you get to sit in the booth area, look up. The shape of the acoustical ceiling tile is pretty cool. 


Okay, so now that the design assessment is out the way, you beg the question, " Rae, how was the sushi?" Well, it was ultra tasty! I ordered the barbecued unagi (eel). I also tried the "Zen on Ten signature sushi". It didn't steal my heart like the eel, but different sushi for different palates, I guess. Oh, and speaking of hearts, if you're undecided about where to take your sweetie next weekend, Zen on Ten is having a very reasonable special that includes a five course meal for you and your special someone. Oh, and before I forget, perhaps the thing that impressed me and Brandon the most was their $10 28oz drinks (deemed fishbowls for very obvious reasons). I ordered the Thai Juice and it was most definitely worth the money! Check it out and let me know how it goes!

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