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September 20, 2009

Remember your last stay at Motel 6? While you're thinking about the dingy floral comforters, the stained carpet, and lingering smell of well... everyone's nose is different. In any case, I was so impressed when I saw the Phoenix, AR prototype for Motel 6's extreme makeover. Now brace yourself for because you may not be ready for this!


That's right, you don't even recognize it! Just like I thought! The sleek platform beds with neutral coverlets, the accent walls, the absence of a tropical floral pattern - it's Motel 6 (2.0).  With the ingenuity of Priestman Goode, a London-based design firm, the new Motel 6 will include such design luxuries as a custom , multifunctional unit, modern furnishings, wood laminate flooring, and granite counter tops.  And for those of you interested in the tech goodies, a 32" flat-screen television, connections for your mp3 player of choice, and wireless internet attract those looking for a refreshing stay on a modest budget.

The oh-so-intelligent entertainment unit which encompasses lighting, a television, shelving for storage, and an exposed closet for hanging clothing.

Or maybe you would prefer an aqua room instead.


Are you feeling giddy yet?

And of course no great hotel is complete without a luxurious bathroom. The cubby hole towel rack, vessel sink, and black granite counter tops are collaborating quite nicely. Below, sister hotel Microtel is also jumping on the extreme makeover bandwagon. This design was created by a Savannah College of Art  & Design student  Bijal Patel. Pretty awesome thing to have in your portfolio if you ask me!

 The green looks soothing, clean, and comfortable!

Of course now you're wondering, how can I stay at one of the hotels with the upgrades? Well, the bad news is that it will take a while for these new designs to reach a Motel 6 or Microtel near you. As you know, beauty takes time! According to a Dallas rep for Motel 6 Laura Rojo-Eddy, it may take up to 3 to 5 years to complete the renovations in its 1,000+ locations. But the good news is that the average price per room will still be about $45! Check the website for more information and keep your fingers crossed!  http://www.motel6.com/

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  1. this is cool! and such a good idea and necessity for motel 6. the best part is knowing that it will still be affordable or at regular price. the green room has me sold!


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