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September 17, 2009

I'm definitely not ready to be a mommy yet, but as a designer, I have always wanted to design a nursery. But alas, the days of theme-y cartoon character nurseries are long gone, and new wave of design has hit the baby world. It's the concept of a chic, modern nursery.

Noteworthy features of  today's modern nurseries include: 
1. Removable wall graphics (think Etsy)
2. A unique color pallet (no need to limit choices to pastels only)
3. A classic modern chair (new, knock-off, or the real deal)
4. Modern mobiles (abstract shapes and colors)
5. Animal skin (rugs, sheepskin, the softer and fluffier the better)
6. Chandeliers (a lovely element of aspiring maturity)
7. A beautiful, sleek crib that makes a statement

The transition from bows to butterflies is adorable :)

Love the fly-aways, and the color is electric!

 Sheepskin and an Eames rocking chair, how could you not love it?

This was actually a closet, so extra cool points awarded for creativity! Plus how many babies do you know with a Bertoia chair?

 So soft and sweet.

Chic baby in training! The contrast of the dark floors with the cream is beautiful.

Striped ceiling, Nelson lamp, modern mobile, the color black and what appears to be a junior Panton chair- this baby's room definitely breaks the mold.  

Gender neutral at it's best!

"fragile" applique is pretty clever!

This color combination is like candy, and the lighting keeps it fun.

Hey, even babies deserve drool-worthy rooms. (And yes, the pun was intended.)


  1. These are stunning! I would personally stay away from "electric" or exceptionally bright colors, as they may create nervous energy or irritability for a little one, but that's my theory. I suppose with really soft lighting it would be ok.

    Love the blog!

  2. keep it up babe... ur doing waaaaayyyy better than a helper monkey :) :D

  3. I love your blog! This site is extremely inspiring Rae! I like the last room (with the green walls) and the "Gender Neutral at its Best" room. The room seems a bit ornate for me, but I like the concept. Do you think there is a way to merge the two?


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