sometimes it's what's on your head that counts

September 20, 2009

At work, I'm none as the new girl with the cute headband. Now call me crazy, but it a world where some people are trying so hard to fit in, I believe that some of us are just born to stand out. Everyday, I switch my IKEA uniform up with a headband with from my outrageous collection (outrageous in a good way, I promise).  I strongly believe that it's possible to stand out without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best hair accessories for under $6.00. My store of choice - Forever21!

I wore this one to work one day and got so many compliments from visitors!
It also comes in black. The Oversized Double Bow Headband $4.80.

I own this one in red as well as black. It also comes in teal and cream.
The Shiny Satin Flower Headband $3.80.

I absolutely HAD to get this one to wear with my uniform my first day of work. I actually darkened the yellow portions to custom match my shirt. The Plaid Bow Skinny Headband $3.80.

Who doesn't love a little houndstooth? Of course it comes in black!
The Houndstooth Satin Bow Headband $2.80.

My fiance always claims that I'm wearing some type of endangered bird when I wear feathers, but hey - you've gotta love it. Feathers Petal Headband $3.80.

Yes, those are zippers! How do they do it? Must be magic! Believe it or not, this
would actually be a splurge for me! The Zipper Trim Headband - $5.80

More than likely my next purchase - for obvious reasons.
The Pleather Bow Headband $3.80.

Okey Dokey, I'll keep it short and sweet! Go out and adorn yourself with something beautiful and inexpensive!

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