table for four

February 8, 2011

Thanks to the wonderful folks at cb2, Brandon and I finally got a pair of dining chairs! You'll never guess what color though! 

Oh yeah, baby - goldenrod! Why you might ask? Well, I was well over the lack of color in our dining area, and we just couldn't pass up a sweet deal - only $32.00 each! 

And they were totally made for us because they were definitely the last two. Some might wonder what we'll do with two yellow chairs instead getting four. Well, design is all about risk, and I for one am totally excited about mixing dining chairs as the opportunity presents itself. Also because we got them on the cheap, we could always use them for extra seating somewhere else down the road. Best of all, B likes them just as much as I do and we can finally seat four around the table without having to get our rolling office chairs.

I still think that everything looks so sweet and crisp, just like I like it, and best of all - we're building our home with pieces we love.

And for those of you who were following "the great storage debate", you can see the sideboard we chose. 

I actually like the key opening much more than I initially thought I would. It's adorable. Eventually we would like to get a second one and push them together to form one long credenza. Much like this -

Anyhoo. I'm pretty pleased for now. Next on the agenda is figuring out what kind of art I want on the focal wall. Here is what we have across from the room near the hallway.

The angled wall is cool. The green picks up the living room, and of course marries the yellow from the dining chairs. Below are the pieces we have yet to hang on the wall - still looking for the perfect places, but we'll get there. Once we find a home for them, I would love to hack a small console table to attach to the wall under the art. Uh oh, there goes my creative wheels turning again...

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  1. Wow, your living room is stunning! You must get pictures with better lighting to show off your awesome wares!


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