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February 1, 2011

So naturally we are still in the process of dressing up the bedroom ,and with every step I'm getting closer and closer to the Sunny and Chic I had imagined. We recently changed the bedding, and I'm loving the color scheme. Before I show you, remember the whirly hanging lights that we installed above the bed? I've been asked a few times how they look when lit. Here's a peek. P.S. the cute little birdies came from CB2 (they are actually candle holders) but when I came in on day they were on the headboard smooching - that clever hubby of mine!

Of course above this is with the flash, so here's a shot in the dark.

Kinda hard to see, but you get the idea. It's a very cute and unexpected element - not to mention what some people have called quite romantic... Anyhoo, we finally changed the bedding, and here is what things are looking like now-a-days.

To be honest, I hadn't intended on keeping the turquoise lamps in the bedroom, but I think they do wonders for breaking up the almost monochromatic color scheme, so for now I actually really like them. When my mommy was visiting, she helped me hang the burlap drapes, but now they're almost looking a little drab, so I may revisit another solution. As for the birch lack tables, they are totally going as soon as I can figure out what alternative I would like. Here is what I picked out initially.

Glass Accent Table 25"

These beauties from Target are $89.99, but after some measurements I realized that they would be too tall for the bed. But I love the mirror side table look, so now this is what I'm contemplating:

Mirror F-table 18"x18"
This one is also from Target and at $99.99 it may just work. It's definitely a better height (only 1/4" taller than the lack tables. Of course I have to consider an option from work, but right now, all I can come up with are these:

Klubbo Nesting Tables
I think they would look cute nesting on either side, but I am considering the fact that I want contrast and black brown on black brown is almost overkill. Plus, even though they are less expensive (at only $79.99 for the set) I might as well save up a little more and splurge. Like what you see or have some suggestions, hit me up!

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