mini makeover

January 26, 2011

First, here's what we're working with. For those college friends of mine, yes, this is definitely a throwback from my last year of school. Yeah the chocolate, pink and green was cool at one time (believe me, I really made it look cute, but it was way too dark for my current space and I was patiently waiting for the means in which to change it up. This is just a mini make over, so get ready.

It all started when I saw this Dwell Studio Peony Shower Curtain. It was so fresh (and so clean clean) that I had to make it the inspiration for the master bath. Note, that the gray will be the bridge between the bathroom and the bedroom (which will be gray and yellow).

When my mommy came to visit we took a trip back to Target to get some bathroom accessories. I thought that I would mix it up and not buy from all the same collection - it just keeps it more interesting and lets the pieces stand more on their own. In short, it makes them more memorable. Note, I've been coveting this antique soap pump for months.

I love to mix pattern. Scale is always the main component. I have a large scale print on the curtain, a smaller geometric on the rug for the bathing area, and a tighter weave for the rug in the vanity area. They all vary in texture (visual and tactile) but they complement one another in color.

One of the significant design challenges I faced was that I didn't have an outlet for a night light in my bathroom (the vanity area is separate from the toilet and bathtub area. What I decided to do was go into my box o' tricks and pull out some lanterns that I had been saving (you would not believe how many I've accumulated over the years). The small green one (courtesy of the dollar tree) came with a little light bulb and all I needed was 2 AAA batteries to make it work as a little night light. I really wanted a gray lantern, so I painted this white one with some silver acrylic paint that I had handy (come to think of it, I'll probably do a second coat for more even coverage).

The pattern of the rugs actually went together quite nicely.

Eventually I added some mirrors behind the throne, but I'm itching to cover the hanging hardware.
That will be my next project.

And of course here's all my little goodies.

What a dramatic difference!  For a rental, I'd say that's pretty good. It sure does make me a little happier! Shower anyone?

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