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August 26, 2011

Call me crazy, but I have been completely obsessed with bar carts. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally not an alchie, but me and the hubs do like to partake in an adult beverage every now and then. I thought that instead of our liquor bottles randomly sitting in the kitchen - Brandon's current spot for his rum is on a tray that sits atop the microwave - a cute bar cart would be well... cute. Here are some pretty hot contenders for the job.

First, you know how budget conscious I am, so let's start out with something easily obtainable.

Bygel Utility Cart - $29.99

Cute, basic, and dare I say, utilitarian? I had been scoping out the arrival of this little baby for months. Honestly, it's a blank canvas, so dressing it up with some personality would totally be the name of the game. It also helps that the Bygel family has cute little accessories like this that you can hang on the side (see the clips above). Here's the same little cart dressed as bathroom storage.

I like the wicker basket idea. I could see them filled with bottles of wine and such, and the drawer would be great for wine and bottle paraphernalia. A great mix of open and concealed storage I would say. The only drawback - this little cart needs extra pizazz - a.k.a. effort. Might I be the one to make it happen? We shall definitely see.

On to the next possibility -
Say hello to the Strind side table $69.99

It's a little more classy with its glass tops - note the classier price tag, but with the addition of colorful bottles and decanters, it would be instantly chic. IKEA also had this one styled for the bathroom, but all I could see was visions of liquor bottles dancing in my head.

Now beautiful is that, I mean really? Like, I said, not much has to be done to give it that chic factor. It also comes in black glass.The only drawback for this option is the height. At just below 25", storing things for making drinks would be fine, but actually making drinks where you store them, not so fine. Perhaps in a closet for displaying pretty things? Me thinks I'll keep my options open. Target also sells one that is similar in shape but bigger.

Meet Rosita $151.99

She's cute, she's classy, and while she's a little more than I want to spend, she's perfect in terms of height and and chic factor. I'm also a fan of the chrome casters. Not to mention the rings keep your bottles from sliding off while you're rolling it about. But you know that I love color, so I had to also consider this one -

Allow me to introduce you to Ernest $149.00

Leave it to CB2 to put some color in your face. I really love this one. The turquoise is awesome, and the clear glass keeps him light. He definitely has more character than the others. Here he is all suited up.

Pretty adorable, huh? I've always wanted a turquoise piece of furniture. But am I really ready to drop a buck fifty on this little cutie? Hmmm... Check out my last option.

Last, but not least, meet Formosa $49.95

Yes, as you may have noticed, she IS different from all the rest, but handy nonetheless. I like the color of course, but I especially love that she can be folded up if she ever gets in the way. The only downside - no second tier in which to store goodies. Here she is in action.

Did I mention that it also comes in white? How lovely is that? The price is also right, so it might just be a contender. With all that being considered, the next thing I need to do is figure out where we'll put a bar cart in our new place. I'm really excited about decorating our new place and I can't wait to see what will fit where. What about you? Do you have a favorite bar cart? Which one should I get? Leave me a comment! :)

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