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December 3, 2009

I love discovering restaurants. It's definitely a past time for me and my boo. We love to experience new places, great food, and breath-taking designs. My heart smiled when I saw this cute little place on the internet, then got sad because it was much too far for a visit. Meet Sweetiepie Restaurant in Greenwich Village in New York City. It's absolutely chic.


Mirrored ceilings, marble flooring, fushia tufted banquettes (you know how I live tufts), intricate iron seating, and white, white, white. GORGEOUS!  The last photo is a waiter inside of the custom birdcage which seats 4 comfortably. Sweetie Pie the best comfort food in luxury, and they are best known for their extravagant "Sweetie Pig" which consists of 18 scoops of ice cream with all the fixings for a mere $75 dollars - definitely a party affair. I think it would be darling for a bachelorette party. Just the interior alone gets me giddy (as wonderfully-designed spaces should do). Branding is so important, and the concept behind this one is so... well... sweet.

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