spring chic

January 14, 2014

One of my absolute favorite stores on the planet in CB2. Not only because it speaks to my design aesthetic, but because no matter what's going on outside the store, whenever you step inside, you're immediately transported to a space where the colors are so amazing that you seriously can't help but smile. When I received their recent catalog in the mail, my mind went bonkers - so. much. color! It makes me excited for spring, AND makes me wanna spend some money.  I visited them on Friday with one of my design divas (shout out to Keidre at 726) and did my best to resist the urge to spend my pennies. I really need to clear out some things at home before I add to the madness. And in case you didn't know,  interior designers are predisposed to hoarding, and the struggle is real! Anyhoo, here are a few of my favorite pieces that are oh, so spring chic!

1. Dot candy runner 
This runner would be a perfect contrast to our black brown table.

2. Hedgehog candle holder
We have a bird + dino tealight family who would love to meet this little guy.

3. Wall pockets
This would be cool anywhere - above a desk, in the bathroom, above a nightstand...

4. Stella Cabinet
This is just gorgeous, but I'm frugal, so I'd have to stalk this floor sample until the end of the season. I would love to try this paint treatment on a chest of drawers though. Maybe a Rast makeover?

5. Stinger, Marcher, Flutter appetizer plates
I've been collecting plates for this awesome plate wall that has yet to come to life. These would fit in perfectly.

6. Taurus coat hook
How cool are these? It's an immediate goal of mine to organize my closet. These would make dressing and undressing so much cooler.

7. Xystum color block vase
 Kroger flowers, enough said.

8. Motley rug
I'm in love with the texture on this rug, and it would fit in seamlessly with our pool blue sofa - maybe in our next crib. :)

Gosh I love this place! See anything that strikes your fancy?


  1. Hi Rae, I've never heard of CB2. We must not have one in Pennsylvania where I live. Too bad because I like that Stella cabinet, too.

    1. Yeah, I am very thankful that we have one here in Midtown. Our sofa and coffee table is from CB2. I would love that Stella cabinet, but I have absolutely no place for it! #interiordesignerproblems


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