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January 13, 2013

Here are a few details I've added to our place to make our apartment feel a little more like home. A little while ago I added some art around our amazing Nest Thermostat.

Recognize the images? I know my ID girls will. They're sample pieces of Maharam wallpaper.

But this wasn't my first time making the thermostat into a work of art. 
Here's the one that came with our before we switched it out. It's crazy what a simple frame can do.

I also got tired of these basic builder's grade knobs on our laundry room doors,

so I replaced them with some gold vintage-y knobs from Anthropologie.

And I flipped one upside down because I'm cool like that.

 I also added some shelves to our bedroom, you know,
 just to have something sweet to look at while in bed. Aren't we cute?

I also managed to buy my very first orchid. 
I was holding out for one on super sale, and I finally found one for $4 at Kroger. Hi-five!

Of course, Kroger always has the cheapest fresh flowers around. Check out my last bounty for $8. Not too shabby huh? Actually, I think Kroger has made me into a fresh flowers snob. I mean, why purchase artificial when the real thing is so inexpensive and adds so much to a space? I also think it took away my husband's ability to surprise me with fresh flowers because I always buy them for myself. Although a nice bouquet that I can split up and arrange myself would be a nice little gift every now and then. :)

Okay, that's all I have for you today.
 Are there any little details that make you feel more chic at home?

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