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August 11, 2012

Aside from textiles, art is one of the most important elements that can transform a space into a home. For me, choosing art was always a challenge. I had no idea what type of art I preferred, but I eventually learned that as long as a piece speaks to you, it's more than justification for making it into your personal art collection. Quite often, a specific piece of artwork can also be a great jumping-off point for inspiration in a space. Just recently I started getting into local artists here in the Atlanta area. There are so many artists creating stunning works of art, and any time you can get an authentic piece of artwork instead of a reproduction, it's a pretty awesome thing to bring home.

Today I wanted to share the artwork of the incredibly talented mixed media artist Sharon Crumley. Her "100 Dresses" project is catching a lot of attention at local events and art fairs around Metro Atlanta. Inspired by the book The Hundred Dresses by Elenor Estes, Sharon decided to bring one of her favorite books as a child to life by creating a series of 100 dresses on canvas using various textiles, paper, paint, and other media. Check it out!


 The combination of textiles, paint and printed words is quite stunning. Plus, don't you just love the pup?

Red Umpire Dress #8

This piece is so striking and the ethnic print is gorgeous.

Pink dress

I love the raw edges and little studded belt on this dress!

Blue Dress #5

This one is my personal favorite.  I love the abstract background, muddled blues, pops of oranges, lime greens, and of course the modern shape of the dress. In true form of creating a room around a piece, I thought I'd show you what I'd do with such a beauty.

  1. Blue Dress #5
  2. Gypsy Chandelier - U.O.
  3. Mellby Chair - IKEA
  4. Martini Side Table - West Elm
  5. Malin Cushion - IKEA
  6. 36" Round Chindi Rug - U.O.
Now Sharon's dress count is up to 63, and with sizes varying from 6x6 up to 48x48, I'm sure that there's something appropriate for any space. She also creates prints of some of her most popular pieces. I can totally see a large-scale print in a living room, or behind a bed or crib. Also, a  small collage of dresses used as nursery artwork would be adorable... you know, perhaps one day.

Sharon also specializes in various abstract collages, African-inspired pieces, and even textile fortune cookies. Definitely check out her website or Etsy shop. They're selling pretty fast! :)

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