awesome office pt. duex

July 26, 2012

So remember this mood board I did a little while back?

Well, I finally got around to hanging those sweet Janette curtains! Our office went from this when we first moved in:

To this:

How beautiful are these Janette curtains? They definitely make the room!

Closeup for detail oriented. And yes that's a Macroeconomics book in the background. Don't hate.

And as for the pieces on the P.S. cabinet in center meet Bamboo II. Bamboo I died (rest his soul) when I was in college. My mommy didn't water him regularly during my internship. This was a make up gift :)  We love him. Yellow tips and all. Let's call it a french manicure. I made Brandon responsible for his well-being for because he lives next to his desk.

And because people always wanna know about the vast assortment of books that one accumulates.

My flowers that seem to last forever. These puppies have been going strong for 3 weeks. Yeah strange, I know. Oh, and "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them." That is all.

Oh, and here's my grandmother's chair with my old school peacock feather pillow and the green pillow I kept from my pillow swap. I'm slowly pulling it all together! Stay tuned!

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