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January 24, 2012

It's hard to believe that Valentine's day is just around the corner! Being in the V-day spirit, I though that I would start early and think up some cool things from my favorite stores that would make an awesome Valentine's package (or rather things that I would love to get on a special - or even not so special day). Oh and let's keep it under $50, cause I'm cheap like that. The first one is from Urban Outfitters (sale items of course).

I'm pretty sure any lovely lady would love to have this ensemble. The heart necklace is adorable, and long enough to add some edginess to any outfit. The bust is awesome to hold all those pretty trinkets that are too beautiful to put away. The wallet is pure diva - you can't go wrong with a dash of faux fur and leather! As for the doggie, I've been needing a USB splitter for some time. My external hard drive, wireless keyboard, and mouse are always connected, so there must be other peeps out there like me! And finally, the rhinestone necklace is just plain classy. Any thoughts?

Heart Necklace .............$6.99
Grecian Goddess .........$14.99
Faux Fur Wallet .............$6.99
Dog USB Splitter ...........$6.99
Rhinestone Necklace ... $14.99 

Total: $50.95! Okay, I went a little over my goal by 95 cents, but it would be a small price to pay to qualify for Urban Outfitter's free shipping.


  1. Okay, so I really need to get one of those dog USB splitters. No feeding, no early morning walks. That's the perfect pet for me.


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