the great storage debate

November 18, 2010

So Brandon and I have come to the conclusion that the only way we are going to be able to put away all of our wedding gifts is by purchasing a sideboard for our dining room. Of course knowing me, I always check out potentials at work before I begin searching all over ( I mean how could I not, I spend more time in the blue box than I do in our humble abode, but I digress...) Anyhoo, there are lots of neat options, all modern of course, but I can't help but be baffled on which one we should go with. Keep in mind that our table is black brown, so I can't decide if I want strict cohesion or contrast. Here are the top choices:

PS Locker

I can't help it, but there is something so sweet about it. At only $99, the price is one of the most attractive things about it, and I totally dig the nod to high school. I also comes in toolbox red. The only drag is that you have to keep the keys in to open it. But I guess that's a small drag, not necessarily a huge one.

Bjursta Sideboard
This is the next option, which is actually made within the same series as my table. To tell the truth, I was actually trying to avoid the matchy-matchy thing, but this one does have cute, little drawers for napkin rings and things. At $249, it doesn't have the most cupboard storage of the bunch, but it's got nice masculine lines. Did I mention that this is Brandon's favorite? Oh I didn't? This is Brandon's favorite.

Trollsta Sideboard

It's soooo leggy! I swear that I've coveted this sideboard for at least a year, and scalloped detail is so adorable. The only downside to this option? It's $349 (which is the most expensive) but it's also massive! At 72", it's the also the longest of the bunch, which I fear may actually dwarf my table. :(

Trollsta Cabinet

I just can't help myself. Cabriole legs are so sexy. At $249, I love this cabinet because it's pretty modern with a twist. Also, I can see myself attaching inverted wine glass racks to the inside for an instant bar. The only downfall - it's tall. Much taller than a traditional sideboard (perhaps that has a lot to do with the fact that it is made to be a tv cabinet). What can I say, I like to think outside of the box (okay, the low rectangle).

Torsby Sideboard
And finally, I simply can't escape the allure of high-gloss white. This sideboard it pretty awesome, and I LOVE the sliding doors! At $299, it's an investment that would be well worth it. It's modern, shiny, and the proportions are ideal. I guess I only question this decision because it's white. I saw a similar one at cb2 (twice the cost of course) but this one is really speaking to me. My fear is that if I go with the Torsby and white chairs, that the space would be screaming for some color.

So what do you think about it? I'll be posting my dining area soon so that you can get a feel for what's going on. Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm having the same storage squabbles! I have too much junk! Can't wait to see how you arrange everything so I can get some great design inspiration from you.


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