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April 5, 2010

So I must say that lately I've developed an obsession with all things black and white. It's like whenever the two get together, they always set the stage for a chic collaboration. As far as basics in a home go, I believe that neutrals can truly ground a space (not to mention be a long-lasting investment as your styles change). Black, white (and creams) are great foundations, and can easily be transformed by a big pops of color (and boy do I love color - just ask my college roomies)! I really want our future place to be a mix of cool modern meets fashion-forward traditional. Here are some basics that I happened to have fallen in love with for their glamorous potential.

I'm dreaming of very chic chairs like this Becca Linen dining chair with nail head trim and splayed, tapered, black brown legs.  I can just imagine me and my bookie having cute, little dinner parties while sharing laughter for hours in chairs like these. I mean who wouldn't love the juxtaposition of a classic chair with a modern table? I'll leave you hanging on that one.

The silk Dupioni Fret pillow... just an accent piece on a cool, vintage modern chair for reading.

I've always imagined owning a pair of comfy, white slipper chairs. While I don't care much for the pillow, that's where my pop of color would be be incorporated.

And who doesn't love houndstooth? I mean really? This ottoman is so freaking adorable AND it has storage for blankies, a tray (in case you wanna use it as a coffee table), and the remote control that always gets lost.

I don't care what anyone says. You've gotta have a cool enough personalty to pull off zebra print. But I would recommend introducing the strong pattern in small doses. First start with the pillow and a small stool. Only if you can handle large amounts of glam, are you allowed to rock the infamous zebra rug. Mark my words - I'll own one of those one day too.
Oh dear, speaking of rugs, here is the lovely Stockholm Rand. It's been showing up all over designer mags and the like. Everyone deserves a nice wool rug, and if you're in the market for a statement that screams from underfoot that you have taste, then this is it. The rug is however more cream and black instead of black and white, but I think that adds to the beauty of it. A must have for sure.

I swear - I have never been SO IN LOVE with a sofa in all of my life. May I introduce to you Ladies and Gentlemen, the Chloe Velvet Sofa. I had the pleasure of sitting on one just last week and boy did I fall in love. It's so stately, yet so classic and modern. I love the transitional arms and the tufted back. And for the sale price, I WILL OWN THIS SOFA! Mark my worlds people, this sofa and our future apartment were absolutely made for one another. I've gotta show my bookie in person.

Chloe, you had me at hello. Stay turned for more of my dreams to come!

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